Network Branding

MyNetwork TV Branding Montage

I was employed as the Lead Designer for MyNetwork TV (FOX), and one of my accomplishments while there was the total redesign of the on-air look. This involved the creation of everything from topical graphics and templates, to full promo packages, as well as designs for weekly movies and seasonal specials.

For this montage, I was responsible for all design, animation, editing and music design.

FOX Good Day LA Redesign Montage

I was tasked with creating a refreshing and cheerful new on-air look for FOX KTTV's signature morning show. The playful and clean intersection of colors, text and star talent makes for a compelling package. Not only did these elements serve to open the show, but they were flexible enough to be used to build out entire promo campaigns.

I was responsible for design, animation & editing of this piece.

Comics Unleashed :30 Promo

This custom package was created to promote the entire Comics Unleashed series. The 3D components were built to accommodate quick and easy weekly updates, based on editorial.

I was responsible for all design, animation and editing.

My Network TV Fall Image Spot

This spot effectively communicates a great deal about the network's diverse fall lineup. The large text elements are the foundation of this spot, and work to provide the design device for the video footage and effects. The piece is one continuous series of moves, with no stop to the action. This also served as the springboard for a further series of similar campaigns, throughout the season.

I was responsible for all design, animation and editing.

MyNetwork TV Movie Package

This is an example of the weekly movie promo design package I created for MyNetwork TV. This coincided with the total re-design I was also responsible for the rest of the network on-air look.

Howard Leff produced this spot.