Promos and Show Opens

UEFA Champions League "Macro" Look :20

With an opportunity to update my previous UEFA promo package, we centered on a macro-style approach for the 2017 season. Ultra-tight shots, with razor-thin depth of field are the defining look. The bright environments and dark reversed text also help establish a fresh new approach for this go-around.

This :20 showcases the flexible toolkit elements, making for a tight and compelling spot.

I was responsible for all design and animation.

Boston Marathon Live Coverage :15 Teaser

This clean and direct piece was created to help promote Universal Sport's live coverage of the Boston Marathon. The spot evokes the grueling feelings associated with one of the most famous hills in all competitive sports.

I was responsible for the original design, animation and editing of this spot.

Barclays Premier League :20 Teaser

This is an example of one of the sponsored teases created from a promotion package I created. The package conveys strength, power, and prestige.

I was responsible for the original design, animation, and editing of this spot.

CONCACAF :30 Hero Spot

I was tasked with designing a graphics package to help promote the CONCACAF season. The goal was to create a "big" and powerful presence, and one which would allow the multinational presence to be front and center. So, the idea of a mechanical map building to the final logo, was born.

I was responsible for all original design, animation, and editing for this spot.

UEFA Champions League Promo Package

This promo was part of an on-air package I created for FOX, to promote the run-up to the UEFA Champions League Final. I was responsible for the original design and all of the animation work. The core concept of the piece was to establish a very sophisticated, and highly flexible package.

CON GARRA Branding Design

Loosely translated, "Con Garra" means "no retreat" or "no surrender" in Spanish.
This is a composite teaser spot. The very end signature was used to tag FOX Deportes promos. I was responsible for the original design of the "CON GARRA" end tag, as well as all the animation for the spot. Beyond the on-air campaign, the "CON GARRA" shredded logo was also used on billboards and a full complement of print materials.

FOX Deportes Dot-Com Campaign

I art directed and created the design and animations for this dynamic on-air campaign for FOX Deportes. The look was designed to convey the interconnectedness of the digital content offered by the network. However, the goal was to also keep the feel "organic" and flowing, so as to not get bogged down by cliché Internet tropes.

Paint Misbehavin' Show Open

Opening animation I created for the TLC / Discovery series.
High-res stop-motion shots of the cast were provided by the client. I created the rest.

Producer: McFilmworks