Adidas Golf Products

Adidas Boost 360 :30 Teaser

This dark and mysterious piece provides a compelling tour of the product.

I was responsible for art direction, design, animation, and sound design.

Adidas Tour 360 4.0 Beauty Spot

This all CG piece was tastefully created in monochrome. The camera plays over the clean details of this premium product.

I was responsible for all CAD prep, lighting, animation, editing and sound.

Adidas adizero 15 Tease Spot

This is a dark and mysterious teaser for the new ultra-light premium golf shoe. It's all CG, and I created the entire piece, including the audio.


Adidas Tour 360 CARBON Sales Launch

I was tasked with creating this launch video. Being their most advanced golf shoe, it required a compelling visual narrative. Combining live action (courtesy Scratch Media) and CG shoe and graphics, the final piece builds to a strong crescendo.

I was responsible for the CAD prep, all design and animation, as well as the editing.

Adidas Point of Sale System Video

This all CG video was designed to showcase the potential point of sale (POS) options which retailers can choose to purchase in order to display their Adidas apparel and footwear.

I was responsible for all modeling, design, animation and editing.