Product Visualization and Sales

LG K10 Phone Teaser

Having just completed some work for LG, bringing their newest phones to life, it seemed like a prime opportunity to create this teaser.

I was responsible for all art direction, animation, editing, and original music creation.

Polk Audio StrikerPro Headset Product Video

This dynamic piece was created to showcase the client's premium headset product line. The looping animation is focused for use in POS applications, convention floor displays, and Internet.

I was responsible for all design, animation, editing, and custom sound design.

Definitive Technology W Studio Micro Product Video

Elegant and upscale, this video was used to promote the audiophile-grade line of home entertainment products.

I was responsible for all design and animation. Alice Lemon was responsible for the edit.

Razerzone EDGE Gaming Tablet Launch

This is the launch video for the EDGE gaming tablet, from Razerzone. The product is unique in that it can take on the role of multiple different gaming and computing platforms. So, we wanted to portray a sense of literal transformation in this video.

I was responsible for art direction, project supervision and animation. Lyle Such also contributed to the job with fantastic motion design and animation. Tim Flora was responsible for the great editing.

BELL Helmets Star Carbon

This all CG piece is a short teaser for their premium race / street helmet. I was responsible for the CAD prep, and all lighting, animation, editing and sound design.